Sketches and Sound Art

Eric creating instant percussive composition in a lot in Montreal, which was full of really great metal sculptures.

If anyone knows the artist who made these, on Van Horne St., about a block away from La Plante, we’d both love to know. They were amazing. A very joyous discovery to come across.

UPDATE: One of our Montreal hosts, Nazik, emailed that the sculptures were made by an artist named Glen Le Mesurier. You can see several photos of it, the story behind the garden, and his other works at his WordPress blog:


I don’t have a new CD cover today, because I spent half the day trying to figure out how to upload video to YouTube, and then we diverted ourselves by going uptown to see my friend Emma Louise’s (from Dollhaus Salon) new art show, which was housed in an shop full of imported English candy, which is apparently notorious for having a lot more sugar than it’s corn syrup laden American counterpart. Which  may be why the beer was free but the sweets were a pretty pence.

Here’s another sketchbook page from that night at La Plante, it’s a portrait of Eric, with the help of a $2 pack of Sharpies I found on 14th St. a while ago, but never used until now.


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