Further BlitzNoise comp covers

I sold half of these! (Of course, I only made 4.)

Yeah, I listened to that Slapp Happy "Owl" song earlier in the day when I drew this.

I also sold 26 “Living In La La Land” zines,(out of 30) and several “Too Negative” back issues. Honestly I felt more enthused about this (as did a few of the other comickers there I spoke to) than I have at comic shows in the past few years. Maybe it’s because there was beer and Cuban coffee. Maybe because zine folk are less precious and insular than large swaths of the comic scene have increasingly been of late. Maybe because I’ve become less insular, less focused on just doing comics. Though that doesn’t mean I still won’t be at Mocca in two weeks at some point.

Anyway, it was relaxing yet exhaustive, so now I’m sitting quietly at home where I can rest, pour some wine, listen to evening ragas on KCR, and…REGISTER FOR ANOTHER ZINE FEST. (Really, I got the flyer and spoke to an organizer).

In the meantime, this week I’ll be finishing and mailing out a piece for an art show in Chicago from the Uncovered Artistry Project. They’re a non-profit that helps survivors of sexual violence and/or domestic abuse find empowerment through creating art, speaking out, selling work. The show will feature pieces from survivors who are artists. Here’s a Kickstarter for the show, which is going towards funding the event, helping artists with shipping and travel expenses, etc.




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