The Blue Morningstar

“Self-Portrait In Blue”, by Morningstar:


“My name is Morningstar and although I am a blazed, Russian Blue dumbo eared Rat, I was born with a crooked head. Because I could not perfectly fit into the normative “beauty” standards instituted by the rat-breeding industry and the media, I was labeled a “feeder rat” destined to be sold for snake food. Luckily I was rescued in time, but other rats are not so fortunate. My performance piece consists of sitting in my food dish for hours on end to draw attention to the fact that I was destined to be food because of my condition and draw attention to the connection between ablism, the body, and forms of commodification. I chose the motif of blue to heighten my Russian Blueness, I’m Blue and I’m beautiful! With my fixed gaze I challenge the viewer to become a participant in the piece, to confront the commodification of my physical being.”

Asking price for works by Morningstar begin at $10,000 Yogies.


4 thoughts on “The Blue Morningstar

  1. 8( Lucky man, being found by you! I am not *surprised*, but I am horrified, that a bloody breeder would sell their babies as rat food. It makes me glad we don’t have snakes here, as much as I think they’re awesome.


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