Art Against Times Square, MotherF***er

Since it was free to sign up for this (unlike their “Art Takes Miami” thing which tries to hit you with a bunch of unmentioned fees at the end of the application), I registered in this “Times Square Art Show” thing. Posted that  artist’s statement I wrote drunk, as I’m convinced all artist’s statements are written. And proceeded to upload a bunch of pieces that no one privatized owner or corporate sponsor would let near the new Walt Disney, family friendly suburban annex that now serves as “Times Square”. Still, if anyone would find it amusing to click on the “Collect Me” button and vote for this, maybe we can at least inflict it on whoever’s judging this looking for city safe art. Maybe I’ll be inspired to other worthy midtown art goals, like seeking patronage to paint a 15-story portrait of Jack Parsons in the nude on the Scientology Building. L.Ron would have wanted it that way.

I know the old Times Square, like the Pleasure Island of Pinnochio (since Disney was brought up), had a very real threat of complete emotional slash and burn under it’s carnival facade, turning hedonistic males into jackasses at the boots of Circes (and Ganymedes) who in turn could be just as lost at any moment.

And now…? Same thing in a more socially acceptable manner.

So, now that I’ve engaged in enough self-sabotage for one day, here’s something from the “Black Mask & Up Against The Wall Motherfucker” book that Eric read to me the other night. Words by Morea and Hahne:

More than ever, with everything continually at stake,we find it necessary to affirm the impassioned use of the most dangerous weapons in the arsenal of freedom MAD LOVE: Totally subversive, the absolute enemy of bourgeois culture. POETRY:(as opposed to literature) breathing like a machine gun, exterminating the blind flags of immediate reality. HUMOR: the dynamite and guerilla warfare of the mind, as effective in it’s own domain as material dynamite and guerilla warfare in the streets (when necessary, however rest assured, we shall use every means at our disposal.) SABOTAGE: ruthless and relentless destruction of the bureaucratic and cultural machinery of repression. It is necessary at times (and this is one of them) to speak bluntly: we affirm deliriously and simply the total liberation of man.

The rest of you can shove rom-coms, chick-flicks, and hypergamy-taught-as-romance up your…uh, against the wall motherfuckers. 😉 Mad Love is the only thing I want.


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