4/9/11 La La Land- There’s Some Fangs In Dis House

About the only thing I have to add to this is that it makes me think of how I want to see that “Devil’s Carnival” film.

The limited engagement tour came through this week, but spare funds have pretty much been allocated to printing and shipping a painting to that art show in Chicago. Payments and reimbursements? Oh, they all eventually arrive. Just not when the fun stuff rolls into town. (This is advance notice to anyone at Mocca Fest this weekend who’s preparing to hit us with their sales pitch. Or worse, their woebegone, earnest, small-time artist gaze.)

But anyway, yeah, Devil’s Carnival. If you want to indulge in cinematic gothiness, it looks a hell of a lot more fun than trying to figure out why Johnny Depp is playing the guy from My Chemical Romance in a film that’s supposed to be based on a 60’s soap opera.


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