Mocca On A Shoestring

These things always end up with my feet and legs sore, but yes, we did make it to that afterparty, at least long enough to watch Jeff Lewis and Daniel Johnston perform. (side note: you totally want to click the link to Jeff Lewis’s site. You can play Space Invaders on there.) Now, until Tuesday we are far too damn broke to buy books, but that doesn’t prevent Johnston’s “Space Ducks” from being one of the books my filthy soul is covetous of.

sketch of Daniel from Sunday panel

Best part of the talk? When someone asked Johnston if he would ever do autobio comics, based on reality, to which he deadpan answered that all his art was already based on real life. Or else the anecdote about how he initially went to Austin seeking to be a comic artist and ended up becoming a cult musician instead. Darn.

The other two books I am covetous of, but did not get? My Friend Dahmer by Derf . I used to have the 36 page comic that came out of this in the 90’s. It literally is a memoir of the author’s childhood in Wisconsin – with a young Jeffrey Dahmer as a neighbor and schoolmate. And a biography of Kiki de Montparnasse by Jose-Luis Bocquet and Catel Muller (they also, at their talk, played a recording of her singing, which is difficult to come by)


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