4/10/2011 La La Land – In Which I Actually Use That Horrible “Got Tied Up” Joke

It is kind of like something The Joker would say when he has Batman captive, isn’t it?

Now of course, if we saw you at last year’s Mocca Fest, none of this was about you. 😉 Commence with the indignant Team Comix retorts about how no one else EVAR riffs on anything when they’re at their tables and that this insular incestuous scene is nothing but Super Fun Positivity For All!!!!

Actually, maybe this comic is a bit misleading, as I always do end up enjoying myself every year when I go.

Whatevs though, Mocca’s come and gone, I’m supposed to be thinking about Bushwick Open Studios but instead all I’m  thinking about is how we found out (literally, this morning before breakfast) that Joke Lanz is at the Ende Tymes festival this weekend, doing a performance as Sudden Infant and also showing some sort of film made with Shelley Hirsch.

I got all impressed with Sudden Infant one night when we were both sick and they played it on Live Constructions (WKCR) and Eric told me the translation of what the guy was screaming in German was “Positivity is death”. Not sure which track that was, but here’s a clip from a docmentary:


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