Sketch Of Recent Cannibalism

I’m not in the regular habit of posting my comic diaries when they’re still in pencil sketch stage. Which is why they’re going up about a year behind. But I also don’t usually hear of this type of Goya-esque weirdness.

Although photos of both the face-eater and his victim have been released, I opted to go with sort of vague, hairless “mask” type characters. I don’t have any type of big artistic pronouncement to make about that decision, it was just sort of a gut feeling. I haven’t heard any updates on the status of the victim’s condition, even if he pulls through, will he be able to communicate what exactly happened?

And, you know, here’s Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son”

And Rubens, which may be even more disturbing because it’s so classically, conventionally pretty. Pristine.



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