Kindly Nemesister

Digital manipulation/self portrait:

GORGONS From the Greek gorgos “dreadful” – The grotesque in the feminine, serpents once associated with knowledge writhing as hair. Flashing eyes, a gaze that turns men to stone (for all the talk of the Male Gaze, where is the Female Gaze ever acknowledged?) Ovid said Medusa was turned into this horrendous monster by the (patriarchaly-identified) Athena for fucking Poesidon in her temple. The first Cosmic Slut-Shaming? Or retribution for getting stains on her 5000 thread count Kemetic cotton sheets? Well then, what about Poesidon, everybody knows that bastard leaves everything he touches reeking of seaweed and a humid August fish-market. And why did Medusa’s sisters have to be turned into Gorgons as well? They weren’t even in on the act. As always, Athena Coulter, the slut-shaming rumor mill tars women with it’s patriarchal brush, who haven’t at least gotten a decent orgasm out of it. Sucks to be a Gorgon, doesn’t it? Too bad every woman reading this is likely to become one sooner or later.

  Hesiod on the other hand didn’t have quite such an elaborate backstory for Gorgons. They were sea daemons, associated with great barrier reefs (perhaps the association with their petrifying abilities lies therein?) Maybe no one’s getting it on with Poesidon in this version of things, but there’s still some connection to the sea, Binah, origin of life. Hey, what other fluids taste briny besides sea water? If you have a partner and he or she is a cunning linguist, perhaps they can use their nimble tongue to tell you. Gorgons in even earlier antiquity were sometimes associated with

ERINYES  Again, according to Aeschylus, the serpents (hey, how’d all this play in Minoan Crete?) writhing about as hair and limbs, a power totem that manifests as supposedly “horrifying” on antiquated powerful Goddesses? Blood running down the faces of women born from the drops of blood from a castrated titan (oh, THAT’S why they’re scary!) and cats-o-nine-scorpion-tails, they are the unrelenting bringers of retribution on evil doers. There’s no “letting go and letting God” in the Underworld, fuck that hippy-dippy noise. They’re also called “Furies”, fury for the wrongs that aren’t being erased. (And read The Orestia. Who gets in their way as well? Athena. Where’s her fuckin’ cookie, boys?) Yet they are also known for their sense of justice, even if it’s a little on the Severity side. Maybe that’s why they’re ALSO also called “The Kindly Ones”? Because at the core of a rage-oholic is an idealist with a heart that’s been broken by the world? This also reminds me of

NEMESIS Another Goddess of retribution against injustice! And UNDESERVED good fortune!!! (No wonder they won’t give chica a break in the hack-filled commercial art world. But never mind that right now, somebody get her a cab to Wall St.) Some of her other dislikes? People who are overly, obliviously, callously happy all the time (okay, forget Wall St. for a minute, someone get her a cab to a New Age “Positive Thinking” seminar.) Also, narcissists–well, particularly Narcissus, a douchebag she decided was a helluva lot less insufferable as a flower. Hey Nemesis, I have a list of names and a rooftop garden. Just sayin’.

So there you have it, aspects of my personality expressed in these myths that I won’t even pretend to pretend aren’t there. “Goddesses In Everywoman” that society would like to stamp out of ’em (and it’s men too, for that matter.) But hey, if you don’t acknowledge those energies, it’s ultimately a one sided, people-pleasing facade to aspire to these energies:



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