Bushwick Dimensions

So remember that creature I posted a while back?

It’s for an interactive smartphone game called Bushwick Dimensions, created by Jean-Luc Van Damme, which involves the player seeking the antidote for a poison while running through Bushwick. And incidentally, this isn’t intended to be done at your computer desk…part of the features of it involve actually walking around Bushwick with a phone to play the game. As best as I can figure out, being that my phone is still pretty damn stupid. Or at best, of average intelligence. But hey, if nothing else, being sent on an antidote chase throughout the neighborhood probably beats the alternative:

Anyway, the game debuted at Bushwick Open Studios, and was even listed in Bushwick Daily’s list of Top 15 Studios to see. (I wonder how they figure out that stuff before the event opens?) and you can see a shot of what the creature looks like on a street scene on the BOS Directory listing for this. Or watch a brief trailer:

A location based survival adventure game played on the streets of Bushwick using your smartphone.

You’ve been poisoned by a giant Gwonkian rat! Now you must race through dimensions to find the antidote before you die. By solving art puzzles on the streets of Bushwick, you’re transported into parallel universes where you continue your quest for the three Blings that will point you in the right direction. Will you find them before you die?

Several local artists have teamed up to create an augmented reality spacial narrative through Morgantown. The game features pixel art, digital works, A/V performances and the environment. Art is made interactive through this glimpse of gaming’s future.

The project showcases Bushwick as a creative force that will push the boundaries of how art and games can be experienced spatially and temporally. Play Bushwick Dimensions simply by visiting bushwickdimensions.com on your smartphone.

It should be noted though that I do not endorse the use of the word “Morgantown”. However, “Morteville” is completely acceptable.


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