4/14/11 – Bruise The Bone

I don’t know why that happened, I’m not a doctor. I’m also too wiped out right now to try and look it up, this afternoon we did grilled portobello mushrooms and grilled corn con queso on the back roof. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a “4th of July” celebration, since no one really said anything about the 4th of July and what I did with the corn came from another Cuban recipe I found anyway.(There are also Mexican variations. Either way, look into it.) You use butter, queso de blanco,, paprika, cilantro, lime, and I forget what else, but before I got drunk it came out AMAZING.

I really think one of my housemates just wanted to have a barbecue today really, is all. They grilled up a bunch of other stuff too. Maybe after all the renovations to that roof are made, one day we can get one of those tables with an umbrella stuck in the middle of it.


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