Orphan Lyrics

Orphan lyrics are the ones that come to me and don’t have any sounds to set them to just yet.

My world is old and my world is new

My blood is old and my blood is new

My soul is old and my soul is new

Sprung forth from my buried corpse Feeding on the deepest earth

Flowing like menses like magma

Fuerza de Duende

Use it always give back, for the Earth’s soul is hungry too


Mi mundo es viejo mi mundo es neuvo

Mi sangre es vieja mi sangre es nueva

Mi alma es vieja mi alma es nueva

Sugida en torno a mi cadáver enterrado

Alimentación sobre la tierra mas profunda

Corriente como menstración como magma

Fuerza de Duende

Usarlo siempre devolver

Porque la Tierra tiene hambre también.

I could elaborate on the concept of “Duende” in this sense, because it explains so much, but it’s really late and I should be thinking more about getting ready to do this:

I’ll write more about that when it’s closer to the event.


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