4/15/12 La La Land – Injury Fetish?

So is “injury sex” a thing? Urban Dictionary seems to list it under plain old “injury fetish”, a topic that also seems to have several tumblr sites devoted to it. Cool, but I was wondering if there were some obscure psychological term, something likely rooted in Latin or Greek. Well, according to this list we have apotemnophilia which sounds like it may match up in the first sentence:

“This paraphilia is similar to the one above in that it involves the apotemnopheliac being attracted to an injury, except in this case the attraction is to being injured themselves.”

But the rest says that this more specifically means a desire to become an amputee. Hmm, after a lifetime of compulsive self-injury, I’m sure if I really wanted to become an amputee, I would have made it happen well before now. So I guess this isn’t quite the term I’m looking for. The other injury related entry on the page is abasiophilia, which involves being attracted to other people using aids for injury or disability (they seem not to distinguish) such as braces, crutches, wheelchairs, what have you. So, clearly this doesn’t apply to what’s happening in the comic, but I’m writing it out because some of the description made me want to punch people and break stuff:

“Perhaps children who grew up to be abasiophiliacs took note of the extra attention that was showered upon these disabled people and grew attracted to the idea of the braces and chairs, or perhaps to them these people became more attractive because of their seeming popularity with those trying to accommodate them.”

They think this and they’re jealous about it? C’mere assholes, LET THE BLITZES HELP YOU LIVE THE FUCKING DREAM!!!!

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