Putin Fear No Art

Except my hand painted flag! 🙂

Pussy Riot are the most punk thing I’ve seen in years. I include my own punk bands in that assessment. While punk in the U.S. was scrawling it’s final suicide note on the negatives from an alt-fashion photo shoot and shoving it’s nasally vocal-chorded head in the toaster over in the back office of that “rock n roll” clothing store at the mall, Pussy Riot was over in Russia forming their activist/band/performance art collective, engaging the world, fighting for gender and societal equality by storming the churches to sing scathing critiques of religious and political repression –no really. That’s why they’re detained without bail, as they await a closed door trial, with a defense team trying to do what they can with restrictions placed on what reports and materials they can access. That’s why human rights groups and personnel around the world have raised questions about the justness of their detention, under the charge of “hooliganism”. In America people froth at the mouth over the right of Daniel Tosh to threaten individuals with gang rape, but not of the right of said people to talk back to him, something you’d think would apply under the same “free speech” — freer for some than others? While overseas, they fight for the right to say things in this manner:

Some have posited that doing this in the Church is what makes it problematic, disrespectful. Because it defiles the Church, the house of the religion that commits endless sacrilege against the house that is my body, women’s bodies everywhere, our reproductive organs? That commits endless unspeakable sacrilege against the bodies as well, of it’s young male parishioners, that excommunicated all those who sought to help out a 9 year old rape victim in Brazilbut not for the rapist itself? I excommunicated MYSELF from your sick-fuck Ialdabaoth church, every time I opened my own flesh seeking relief from hyper-awareness of the torments sanctioned for the world by this. I’ve bled and wept far more over the years than whatever “holy” water was splashed on me as a non-cognizant infant, and blood and tears are far more honest. Am I condemned to Hell? Hell would be a “heaven” populated by those who thought these things I’ve mentioned were morally acceptable.

Anyway, more up to date information on Pussy Riot and the detainment of Maria Alekhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, and Ekatrina Samucevich can be found on http://www.freepussyriot.org . And on a related note, here are some FEMEN protestors, who seem just as fierce as Pussy Riot.


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