World War 3 Illustrated release party

The newest issue of WW3 Illustrated is hot off the press! “Expression / Repression / Revolution.” (Comics on all forms of censorship, from banned books, to self-censorship, to the cases of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.) We invite you to spend an evening celebrating outside with us at the…

Issue #43 Release Party
Thursday, July 19th, 7:30 PM
at Le Petit Versailles Garden
346 East Houston St.
Admission is FREE.
Live readings and multi-media performances by….Mike Diana
Carlo Quispe
Seth Tobocman
Jenny Gonzalez-BlitzEric Blitz

Hilary Allison

Rebecca Migdal

Kenly Dillard

Andy Laties

Angela Idealism

Peter Kuper

Hope to see you there!


Seriously, we spent Monday night rehearsing for this, didn’t get home till 2 in the morning (granted we were rehearsing in the Bronx.) This show should be phenomenal.


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