Psychic Harm Reduction reading

Before you click play, TW for discussion of rape, self-injury, etc.

Explanations as best I can give with a logy med-head and a psyched discovery that there’s a Sixto Rodriguez movie out now. More footage (thanks to Carlo again for filming) from the World War 3 release party of me reading my piece from the magazine. How does it pertain to the magazine, which is doing a censorship themed issue this time around? Basically because it was initially done for an anthology that was to be concerning womens’ varied experiences with sexual development, coming of age, etc. So I gave this brief memoir that’s sort of a psychogeography (with my body serving as the cityscape) of my sexual consciousness, and how it got to the place where it is now. I guess a risk management lawyer found it a little too varied. From what I’ve been able to learn, that’s a title for a…professionally hired worrywart? I dunno. All I know is that the good editors at World War 3 Illustrated are more into taking risks than managing them.

As for Sixto Rodriguez, well, he’s sort of a recent discovery for me, it came up on one on amidst offerings from hipster flavors of the month who I’d heard of, but found I really hadn’t needed to actually hear. Then there was this album by this guy, described as a Chicano lyricist-poet-busker in Detroit in the 70’s who sings about alienation and class struggle. I mean, this guy has titles like “This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst”–are you hearing anything yet I wouldn’t find appealing? 🙂 Here’s that, under it’s alternate title “Establishment Blues”


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