4/16/2011 La La Land – “Talking To Douchebags So You Don’t Have To”

The only thing I can think of to say about this comic is how overwhelmingly beige this room was when we were first relocated to it. Bland and beige. Neutral, “earth tone” (the planet is far more vibrant than that), upper crust, the color of crust, the color of beer-vomit beige. I’m not sure who’s idea this color scheme was. The woman who inhabited the room before us didn’t strike me as the beige sort. Hell, she was the put-safe-food-coloring-on-her-rescue-rats sort. Mine are limited to the occasional lipstick kiss mohawk.

Of course, we’ve done what we can to liven up the situation. Here’s the wall that would be behind Eric’s head in the comic:


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