The Rebel Bookseller trailer

I know this has existed for a little while now but I thought it was worth posting since Eric does the percussion (including breaking glass!) on it. It’s an animated trailer our friends/bandmates Andy and Rebecca did for Andy’s book “Rebel Bookseller”

The book advocates for the independently run bookstore over the large corporation. Even if the corporations in this cartoon get to be fighting monsters, and I openly question whether a woman who reads Ayn Rand would agree with the premise of this book. Maybe they made her read Rand for a college class or something, and then these monsters showed up, and they were ummm…Teabaggers…and they thought she was an…”illegal” who was…hiding a birth certificate, yeeeahhh.

Anyway, I’m also sort of looking forward to the fact that Friday we’re taking a little overnight excursion because we’re performing at a place called Three Arrows in Putnam Valley, which apparently is very surrounded with nature! And a lake! There’s more details about that (and other stuff) on the “News” page I added to this blog, seems like as good a time as any to point that out. Top of the page, marked “Updates Scratched On City Walls”.


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