She is a righteous angel who shall cast this stupid sign into Abbaddon, for I am the Rebellious Woman, and I am the one who gives her Yogies.

I like that “Foolish Drunks” are listed, but not Surly Drunks, Whiskey-Dick drunks, Texting-Their-Ex-Innappropriately Drunks, or those Drunks Who Get All Depressed And Cry In The Corner About Everything That Ever Went Wrong In Their Lives.

2 thoughts on “ApocaLuna

    • Which is why I give them to Luna and her kin. Whatever’s in them besides yogurt and fruit…rats definitely do go crazy for them. All I have to do is rattle the cup of them, and they leap on the front of the cage, it’s pretty fun to watch.

      Plus it will make them do my bidding in the Apocalypse, LOL 😉


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