It’s Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Cool, it’s the “cotton” anniversary and we got our broke-azz selves some t-shirts. According to this, next year is “leather” – yeah, we’re vegetarians. We’re also perverts. Fifth is “wood”, so I’ll have to figure out some way to give my husband wood. (rimshot)

Of course, some of these I don’t consider worth entertaining. “Ivory”. “Coral”.- If we ever one day have tropical aquarium, we could put living coral in it, otherwise, I don’t think so. “Diamond”. I have one diamond, on my engagement ring. It’s been in his family, and is blood-free. We don’t need any other ones. Of course, we’ll probably get sick of following these suggestions way before that.

I need to think though, about my eschewing ivory and coral, but not leather? Maybe vinyl or rubber would be better. Is there someone who makes the sorts of things I have in mind in a good cruelty-free version of leather?


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