Flux Us-Flux You! Performing Fluxfest NYC 2012

Urchestra will be performing Scwitters “Ur Sonate!”  at Westbeth this Thursday. The event is part of this week’s Fluxfest NYC 2012 events:

Fresh Fluxus is almost here!
Come to Flux Us-Flux You, a flux performance event that is part of Fluxfest NYC 2012. Flux Us-Flux You is organized by Tamara Wyndham and Barbara Lubliner.
The evening will start with Urchestra performing Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” – sound poetry and music – followed by over a dozen live performance pieces by both local and visiting artists.
The event is free – donations to help cover the costs are welcome.
You are also welcome to bring food or drink for yourself or to share at the food happening table.
Fluxfests happen all over the World – dedicated fluxus artists converge on a city and stage actions, events, and mayhem.
Flux Us – Flux You
Thursday, September 27th, 7:30 – 11:30 pm
Westbeth Community Room
155 Bank Street, between Washington and West Streets
Enter through the courtyard and to the left.
Closest subways: L, A, C, or E to 8th Ave and 14th Street.
Or the PATH train to Christopher Street.
Other Fluxfest Events this weekend:
Friday, Sept. 28th 7-9 pm
Day De Dada Presents: “Transformation Event” Scores / Performance / Actions / Skype
At ETG book Café, 208 Bay St. (Between Victory Blvd. and Hannah St. , Tompkinsville, Staten Island)
Saturday Sept. 29th 3-5 pm
Space Womb Gallery, 22-48 Jackson Av. #1, Long Island City
Urchestra for this performance are Andy Laties, Rebecca Migdal, Eric Blitz, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Pronoblem, and Joe Morrella.

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