Will This Be The Most Horrible Thing Ever Broadcast?

Saw these flyers up around the post office.

It’s not so much the “hipster” factor, though it’s kind of funny how they insist on “all types – hipsters only.” I tend to find people overly wrapped up in the “God I hate hipsters” thing usually fit the stereotype of one to a T. It’s the more some of the traits they’re looking for, or more to the point, people who would be proud to be identified with said traits. I mean, “unique” is often a plus, and “crazy” (a word verboten by every doctor I’ve ever dealt with) can’t be helped, but the rest of them? Sounds about as fun as sticking your head into a moving fan. Now that Narcissist Personality Disorder is being removed from the DSM, this flyer can stand in as a description of it. (Why are they doing that anyway?)

Anyway, from the looks of things the open call has come and gone, but don’t go slitting your wrists just yet. That number is still pretty legible for the prank call minded among you, not that you heard it from me. 😉

The NY Art Book Fair was fun, I like how when I do comic shows, zine fests, and now this event the vibe and audience all slightly differ, though there are a few people you see at all three. Desert Island was there, as well as some other people specializing in low-budget zines or self made comics and prints. But overall each type of show has a different energy. Now if only I had energy. Hoping to lock myself in and do some painting at some point this week.


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