Progress Report

detail, watercolor

This might be more for me than readers of this blog, but if we’d all come clean about it, unless you’re being paid to write for some professional entertainment blog or something, most stuff on personal blogs is first and foremost for ourselves. I want to start trying to several times a week (once a day would be ideal) put up a little snippet of creative work I’ve done, even if it’s the rawest pencil sketch, as a form of therapy/motivation. Because I’m prone to getting agitated or overwhelmed, this can function as a reminder to myself that I am getting things done, despite the frenemy-esque relationship I increasingly have with hard-world (aka “consensus”) reality. And hopefully also force me to make things a bit more diligently.

By the way, I have a collection of photos from this year’s Fluxfest NYC and NY Art Book Fair up:


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