Progress: Pastiche of Panels

Ok, so a whirlwind four days means I didn’t post work every day. Doesn’t mean I didn’t draw every day. Here’s a collage of thumbnail images from several day’s worth of “Living In La La Land”.


Am I the only person who starts drinking and gets worried that the Universe is not chaotic enough?

I’ve also begun to experiment with a $20 set of tube watercolors that I bought some time ago (like in 2009, seriously) but wanted to feel like I had cake watercolor down to my satisfaction. That may or may not have happened, depending on my mood on any given day, but either way I felt restless with the color selection. So far tube watercolors feel and handle to me like more vibrant looking gouache paints. Is that a sign of Doing It Wrong? I mean, you can debate if that’s even a thing when making art, however, I’d be happy to hear about any cool techniques with it I might be missing.


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