“Drummer Extraordinaire”

Found online today. Remember alt.anything? Why are bulletin posts from 1999 suddenly resurfacing? I dunno.

(FWIW, his adoptive family is L-ville, bio-parents from the Alsace-Lorraine. What were they doing with a baby all the way in Kentucky? It’s a mystery.)

Now, obviously Eric is very much alive and unthrottled. The only conclusion I can draw about that is that “creator of Gertie Goth and other Comix” was trying to show us his blackness-of-soul-dark humor, particularly after a search teaches me that “Gertie Goth” ran at a site called Legends Magazine and was done by Brian Brewer, someone who Eric does not recall meeting. (Though he does admit there was always someone or other trying to pass along their goth comic zines to members of both Kommunity FK and Deep Eynde , and he was wasted most of the time then, so hey…) I didn’t blur that particular email, since it’s included in the published comics:


Anyway. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m not blogging about the more obvious topic, Hurricane Sandy. Honestly, because although we’re fortunate enough to be in a part of Brooklyn inland enough to only sustain minor damage, it’s been taxing given our inability to reach needed clinical facilities, or even Abuelita (I stocked her up with easy to re-heat foods Saturday and Dad’s been calling). Some of our friends are in areas without power still. We’re fortunate to not be in as bad a way as others, but still I’m kind of Sandy’d out, for the moment, just from living through it and having so much up in the air as of now. But I would like to share a couple of links as far as local relief efforts go:

Occupy has a hub of resources, for those in need, or those looking to donate food, supplies, or time:


Recovers.org, who they’re working in tandem with, is another grassroots oriented disaster relief group:


The Bowery Mission, an established organization on the Lower East Side for the homeless and hungry, is also taking donations for relief, given they’re smack in the middle of a hard hit area:



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