Hurricane Vs. Blitz – journal strips from the past week

Normally I don’t post Living In La La Land in real time (the distance often helps when discussing touchier subjects), or as pencil roughs, but I thought people might be interested in reading the hurricane journals in advance, so I’m presenting them in all their messy splendour. Given our inland geographic location, we aren’t as badly off with others, but not without problems, mostly with health-connected things (reaching clinics and currently, missing a disability payment.) I’m also repeating the disaster relief info from before and will be adding updates to that in future posts.

To be continued…

Occupy has a hub of resources, for those in need, or those looking to donate food, supplies, or time:, who they’re working in tandem with, is another grassroots oriented disaster relief group:

The Bowery Mission, an established organization on the Lower East Side for the homeless and hungry, is also taking donations for relief, given they’re smack in the middle of a hard hit area:


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