Halfway Through This Painting

Vibrant yet garishly sickly. Like losing your lunch whilst in the throes of an acid trip, no? I haven’t been doing as much art as I’d like, these days it’s all I can do sometimes to stay on top of the journal strip. This has been in part because we’ve begun to put in some time volunteering with Occupy Sandy, so I’m really not too upset. Prior to starting that I was sick and sleeping for much of the time. I’m probably a lot more relaxed than most of America right now, simply because I don’t buy into the Family Dysfunction Ritual of Misgiving (was your Thanksgiving like a Norman Rockwell print? Didn’t think so. Ours ended up like a banned Soft Cell video, with little to no effort on anyone’s part.) And even more so, because I don’t buy into the Consumer Orgy/Human Blood rite that follows it. I haven’t heard about any deaths yet, but I have read about some gunplay in Florida and Michigan. (Though sorry, I am laughing that the Michigan story occurred on Felch Street. They named it that?)

Who needs it? Tell me more about the mass Walmart strikes. If I can make it through today having bought nothing except for laundry detergent, cat food, and mac & cheese, I’ll go to bed happy.


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