Stop Screaming…I Can Not


Metallic watercolors again. Again the scanner doesn’t pick that aspect up. Today I saw nothing but untrustworthy people everywhere, except maybe Eric…he wants to get my mind off it, we saw the Ginger Baker movie which distracted me until we stepped back out into the rain…so home, “self-medication” and I began to drip paint on to paper…and formed this/this formedthisformedthisthusly.

The Ginger Baker film’s high point for me was when he was working with Fela Kuti. But as Fela became more radical, Ginger became obsessed with polo and the polo club in Nigeria, an establishment that essentially represented everything Fela stood against, that he saw as vestiges of colonialism. (did this stuff make it into the Broadway play?) I should put on the dvd we picked up of live Fela Kuti footage, from one of those guys on the street with all those African/Carribean historical & various spiritual (Kemetic, Yoruba) dvds mingled in with older low-budget horror movies and conspiracy theory stuff. Managed to find the Fela footage and “Rockers”, 2 for $10. This is what I love about being in the city, most days there will be something or other to catch your attention that you hadn’t pre-planned. And the one good thing that came of Ginger Baker playing polo is that he came to appreciate horses and used his Cream money to build a big equestrian/veterinarian hospital in South Africa.

I’ve got a lot of pictures from the museum opening event, I need to post them after I get home tomorrow night, hopefully.


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