Some MoRUS opening event vids

Because I’m having existential/medical crises round the clock and I haven’t really written anything about this or even uploaded all the pictures I took (I uploaded one today. Of Fly. Holding metal shears. Metal shears fall in the category of “sharp objects”.) Luckily Eden from East River String Band put some footage up on YouTube. Here’s a new piece Seth performed about Hurricane Sandy with Eric and Joe M. and this new sax player Ben:

What’s on the screen can be read here:

One City One People One Planet

Here’s another rendition of this, I think I’ve posted other versions of it. You can’t see but Eric’s solely playing on the air duct, which I am holding in place and the edges rattled and bruised and I loved this. You move the position of your arm and the tone and vibration changes.

There are other good things that happened too, but I haven’t seen videos of them yet.

Fiercest drummer


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