Whole Earth protest sign (collaboration w/ Seth Tobocman)


Collaborative effort protest sign made with Seth Tobocman, to help save Whole Earth Vegan Bakery on the Lower East Side. Although I’m technically vegetarian and an unrepentant Ray’s egg cream addict (LOL if you try to point out to me there are no eggs in egg cream. There’s milk in egg cream. Hey, I’m owning it.) But  I’m in favor of all available options and even more to the point, all rents being kept affordable.

The protest seemed to be heavily spearheaded by Fran Luck, who was also involved with the push to preserve the rent-stabilized apartment of the late Shulamith Firestone as affordable housing for a feminist scholar or activist. I first met Fran in the 90’s when I was part of some woman cartoonist art show at ABC No Rio, but her history with feminism/housing rights go way back.

Anyway, here’s a write up of this protest as well, and a photo that includes someone carrying the sign. (Eric and I had a prior commitment + we were on a tight budget that week, FWIW):



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