*photo by Gurl DeBORED

Seriously though, doesn’t this ad campaign suck a rancid “positive-thinking” nut? Oh, you have a chronic illness that makes you dizzy, tired, and nauseous? WELL YOU CAN’T SIT HERE CUZ I’M HAPPY AND MY LIFE IS ALL PERFECT AND I NEED TO  GLOAT!!!! You say a loved one just died, you’re overcome with grief, and need to sit down on your way to the funeral? FUCK YOU ME AND MY CREDIT CARD ARE ON OUR WAY TO SOME BULLSHIT FABULOUS EVENT!!!!! You’ve had lifelong clinical depression? (Sing it with me everybody:) JUST DEEEAAAALLLLL WITH IT!!!! YOU CAN “MAKE UP YOUR MIND” TO BE HAPPY IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO BE!!!!

When something annoys you, mock it pictorially. I think this sign was for some type of orange juice. I bet it’s from concentrate and overloaded with sugar and probably has atrocious working conditions for day laborers who pick the few actual oranges in it.


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