Sketchbook: The Cyclops & Caroline


This is a cyclops devouring a tattoo-sleeved wolfman. I’d spend the morning doing more housing court stuff before I drew this. It’s not always thinking, not “I want to draw a cyclops”, sometimes I just put the pen in the book and see what comes out, but I’m not sure if it qualifies as “automatic drawing” because it’s not like I get into some meditative state first either.


Yeah, the subway, yet they’re behind barbed wire. I thought they might be rehearsing a scene because of the overwrought drama of it, and how they talked about it, and their 60’s throwback attire. I thought they might be actors on their way to shoot some bad “coming of age drama” type thing set in the 1960’s where you can predict in scene 1 the Confused Art Student Who’s Finding Himself will realize Germanic Queen Caroline and her big hippie cleavage and love beads and endless supply of pot and LSD are No Good For Him and he was meant to be with the Girl Who’s His “Best Friend”  all along. But not before he talks Caroline into posing nekkid for his edgy spray paint art and the gratification of the boys in the audience.

But if they were for real? I wonder if Caroline really is the glomming-on schemer they both describe her to be? Or do they use her as a handy prop because their egos would like to believe this stuff about her, that she wants to fuck the guy, wants to be the girl, and poor Caroline needs a whole new circle of friends?

Yeah, that’s from the 70’s. Don’t fuck with my personal amusement.


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