La La Land – “The Scorching of Steubenville”

Another out-of-order-yet-more-recent strip:


I doubt any of the music referenced here came on the radio, it was more likely the very early news programs that begin around 5 AM or so. The outpouring of sympathy for the monsters, the predators, cuz’ they can play football…REEEAL GOOD. That’s all these assholes value.

“Reject all-American.” “I am your sugar, I am your cream, I am your anti-American dream” Those don’t get played on the radio either, do they? Those are not vox populii. Or maybe those sentiments are, but mainstream media would prefer to drown out the sound.

I may or may not get to upload more art or something before we leave tomorrow, for a performance at the Independent Media Sanctuary Eric is involved in, something this weekend about the climate, they’re justifiably upset about the climate and I dream of fires and smoke, it all seems a bit incongruent.



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