4/29/11 La La Land – “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell”

No offense meant to those I know who benefit from 12-step programs…when this was written an altercation had occurred with someone who had adopted the rhetoric to point fingers at everybody else (and at the time of this writing, apparently hasn’t gotten to step 9 about that kind of thing. :p )

I feel like, in keeping with the Blog For Mental Health pledge, I should have something more to say about this comic, but I think it’s all pretty much in the text. Or that I should have more to say about the different types on non-physical abuse named. Gaslighting in particular, in relation to certain types of mental illness, can be particularly treacherous. Also known as “ambient abuse”, gaslighting involves subtle manipulations and deceits designed to make the victim doubt their own judgment and perception of reality. This can be destabilizing enough to a neurotypical mind. But imagine this done to someone who is already skirting in and out of various forms of reality? Where even “home base” is suddenly and deliberately called into question? I really think it would be wise for anyone with any sort of diagnosis to learn more on this subject and how to recognize it being done. (and to bear in mind that although most articles I find seem to be written with romantic partners in mind, this also can go on within the dynamics of friendships,families living or work situations.)

Re-checking, that lyric I mentioned about overreaction was actually from D12, not Eminem solo. But either way, here’s the Detroit legend I gacked the title of this post from. (By the way, am I remembering wrong again, or is this particular YouTube clip spliced with scenes from Doris Wishman’s Bad Girls Go To Hell? )


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