La Anima Resistencia (B&W)


Drawn during a Sunday afternoon of too much coffee at Goodbye Blue Monday.

Like you can tell (if you’ve ever  gone there) that the monster at the top eating the girl-satyr’s veil is inspired by that hoover that hovers above the bar.

A friend we were with, also an artist/force of nature said I could frame it and put it up in black and white. I’m itching to paint it in though. After so many years of zine and mini-comicking, where black & white means cost effective, I like to paint, I like to incorporate color where and when I can.

The original Anima Sola has always resonated with me. Stories conflict about why she’s there, but I always wondered—does she realize her shackles are broken? That the fire isn’t even burning her flesh?

Is there some other reason she stays, while at the same time looking beatifically Upward?

In the Santeria/Lakumi tradition she seems to have some association with Eshu Eleguá, which I haven’t researched enough to fully comprehend. I’ve been told Eleguá has some affinity with Rats as well. At least—there was a botanica I would sometime frequent near Woodhull when I was an outpatient there, and the owner would jovially tell me “when you get home, play with your rats,play with them for Eleguá!”. He is a god with a playful side.

Eshu is a more chaotic aspect of Eleguá, and in Brazilian Candomblé is a consort of a Goddess known as Pomba Gira. From Wikipedia:

While Exu manifests and encompasses male sexuality, fertility and strength, Pomba Gira personifies female beauty, sexuality, and desire.[3] She is viewed as a beautiful woman who is insatiable. Pomba Gira is venerated with great respect and care, as her worshippers concede that her wrath can be firm and strong. She is often invoked by those who seek aid in matters of the heart and love.[4]

Pomba Gira is noted for her connection with female and gay worshippers [5] Some Pomba Giras do display the characteristics of being promiscuous, talkative and vulgar. However she has many paths or avatars, and will be more or less inclined towards that behaviour depending on the path.

So, yeah, Pomba Gira. I’m not going to pretend to miss that both in physical attributes and personality traits she bears more than a passing resemblance to our Thelemic Babalon (even girt with a sword). Consider this passage from the Book of the Law:

44. But let her raise herself in pride! Let her follow me in my way! Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! Let her be loud and adulterous! Let her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let her be shameless before all men!

Not to mention,  overlay with the Venezuelan Maria Lionza.

So. These figures overlay. How does the waiflike and suffering Anima Sola fit in with Pomba Gira & Maria Lionza? Maybe she’s looking upward to figure it out.


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