Art Therapy: Tension/Release


Oil pastels on paper.

Of course one of my favorite parts about this program I’m in is that they put me in an art therapy group.  They keep the work, (they’re probably analyzing it or something) but they let me photograph my own work.

This one–ok, it’s obviously the cage I’ve worn in Doll Hospital performances:

DollHospital003 And clanging on it with the knives? Like I did last Saturday? Represents sort of a “banishing” of any unhealthy currents in the brain…there have been various traditions in the East of gongs or crashing cymbals used to drive out impurities. Then in Western Hermeticism you have the association of the dagger with Air, thought, and the mental facilities. So I’ve made myself a little sound-art “descrambler”.

None of which was the topic for the session. The topic was Tension and Relaxation. Which for me, this sort of thing fulfills the assignment.


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