Still Therapuetic

The art therapy group, I’m not sure how everyone came to that assignment, but I remember someone once saying they “outgrew art and drawing”. It surprised me because I never thought of art as being solely a child’s activity, and furthermore feel that with age and life experience and experimentation/practice, creativity should be ever-expansive. Henri Matisse when he could no longer paint continued to make art from his deathbed, of paper cutouts. And hey–this was a guy who prompted a conservative president to coin the term “lunatic fringe”.  Which given such circumstances,can only make the phrase a compliment.

So anyway, more art therapy:

5YearsTopic: “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?” This prompted me to attempt to illustrate (crudely) multiple universe theory

and modal realism.

PinealOrchid“Pineal Orchid” – watercolor on paper. Topic was “peace of mind”. I don’t know why peace of mind is an orchid. They’re pretty yet vaguely sinister, that’s pretty cool.

ScarletCity“Scarlet City” oil pastel on construction paper. The usual counselor was out that week so the nurse gave us a free-for-all and I kind of went on autopilot. Though I’m sure the Lust card from the Thoth deck was somewhere in the back of my mind, content wise:


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