Is That All There Is? Is That All There Is? Then Let’s Keep Art-Rioting

…we’ll pour the wine, and clang the knives…

Enough with the Peggy Lee already.

This may seem strange and out of nowhere, but I found writing here preferable to picking what would likely be perceived as a fight with a stranger (though I don’t mean it that way.) roughly an hour before my group therapy. Also, it touched off some larger thoughts about my world view.

An online friend of mine recommended a blog by an online friend of hers, so I clicked on it to see what it was about? One of the posts was about the blogger’s desire to be a “50’s style housewife” as opposed to a “man eating power executive” and how this desire has caused her to be met with outrage, “threats”(???) and accusations of “setting the feminist movement back 70 years”.

Honey, you’re not setting me back any years. I keep doing what I do, and if others want the lives of 50’s style housewives that’s their choice and their business. (I hear the pills were OSSUM. The stuff songs were written of.) What I’m wondering is – is it STILL widely perceived that this is all there is? That roles for women waver between 50’s housewife and ball-busting executive? Do people still widely believe that feminism is solely about turning women into ball-busting executives? (I wonder this not only of housewife-aspirants, but the people apparently biting their heads off out there.) Not only do I personally have no desire to be anywhere near that sort of corporate track, but I have to wonder how many of these cold man-eating female execs there are outside of romantic comedies and such. Not only are statistics often grim, but I have been told that in yuppie culture, the males of the species have constructed some sorts of glass ceilings to trap such maneaters.

Not to mention those women who work in less auspuicious roles – in healthcare, retail, teaching, factories, fields, hotel or food service, and countless other things I’m sure I’m missing. Such a spectrum.

Is there are room in Things As They Are Presented for a little bohemian “outsider” artist feminist who’s deeply mistrustful of corporate culture, the mainstream media, and the system in general, yet still doesn’t think  women should be present with only a few roles they’re expected to adhere to?

Is it such a conundrum that I like knives and banging on rusted metal objects and martial arts, and that I also like making home cooked meals for my husband and grandmother, and pretty flowers and adorable kitties(and ratties)? Is it ok for me to wear combat boots AND glitter eyeliner? Is it too weird that I ardently support abortion rights and am personally childfree by choice , yet also firmly believe it’s necessary to invest in better education and lunch programs and such for the children who are here in the world? Is it nasty that at the moment my armpits are not shaved, but other things are(for energy flow and sensation)?

Fuck no. That’s all totally cool. And I gotta go right now.


2 thoughts on “Is That All There Is? Is That All There Is? Then Let’s Keep Art-Rioting

  1. Thanks Flame! I like the poems, I followed the blog. As far as the press write up for the book (“not giving a shit about feminism because they never heard of chivalry”) well, that seems as sort of reductive as the either-or dichotomy I’m talking about in my post, but it’s possible the publishers wrote that.


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