5/3/11 Living In La La Land – Truly Contagious


I’m sure somebody reading this will remember and is itching to point out that I could be bratty along these lines when I was in my 20’s–especially since Eric just told me someone specifically asked him about that. So, I’ve just beaten yuhz to the punch and owned it myself. But no one in this comic is in their 20’s.

One thing I didn’t do when I was younger was get into Jem & The Holograms. Maybe it was Mom playing Rolling Stones records when I was preschool age, or Dad taking me to see “The Wall” in the theater when I was 10, but something about the show seemed like a very watered down version of what a rock band was supposed to be. I also wasn’t sure why “The Misfits” on the show seemed to have swapped out their devil locks and horror movie lyrics for lime green Jersey hair and vaginas. But thanks to this clip a friend of mine posted once, I have learned that “Jem and the Holograms failed rehab stint” actually ended in a horrible plummeting death.

I will say that clip was a helluva lot more entertaining than “Wristcutters A Love Story”. Maybe they could’ve swapped out that pseudo Eugene Hutz character with some magically appearing pseudo cobras and pelicans.


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