Doll Hospital – Chaos Reigns

I originally titled this “Midnight Locust Haze” but confession: I don’t know if those sounds are actually made by locusts. I just like the word and connotations. The initial recordings were made last year when we did the multimedia slideshow up at 3 Arrows. Later that night we were in just the right exhaustion-induced trance state to wander outside in the darkness (which is not like dark in the city that never sleeps–it’s real) I hit click on the recorder and forgot about it, we just sort of let ourselves get swept up in the sounds of the forest and what happens happens.

And now I’ve revisited those recorded tracks and renamed it in honor of Lars Von Trier’s “Antichrist”, which also involves a married couple heading into a sinister forest and a shit-ton of symbolism. Cuz nature is Satan’s church, and Chaos Reigns, don’tcha know.




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