5/4/11 La La Land – Astral Knives & Inertia

This isn’t the first time I’ve had nightmares or panic attacks with this theme. That I’ve done something as bad as murder with absolutely no recollection of it. So the theory here is that the notion of killing is more symbolic. Killing a toxic situation or an aspect of one’s self that’s outlived it’s usefulness, or maybe was a hindrance from Day One. You don’t achieve transformation without breaking down what was there before. But why would it be a source of anxiety for someone who’s Willingly approached this type of Work? Maybe because it’s uncertain, or maybe because it’s involved admitting shortcomings. That in itself should be no big thing, as everyone has their flaws, but there have been personalities in my past who’ve taken any admission of vulnerability as a chance to either go for the jugular or else exploit it to the hilt for their own ends. Such personality clashes can appear in the forms of friends, relatives, lovers. Maybe what needs to be killed is the situation of carrying around that baggage of the latter type of situation described so I can get to work on the former. I also think I’ve used the tagline “Your Pretty Face Has Gone To Hell” before–it’s a great sentiment. So here’s “Dirt”.


2 thoughts on “5/4/11 La La Land – Astral Knives & Inertia

  1. I love reading your words. They bring me comfort and make me feel less along about these sorts of thoughts. Thank you for still being in my life ❤
    I will be visiting your blog more often. xxx


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