Work In Progress: Not Alone With Thoughts


This is part of a wordless horror comic I’ve been working on (I see 7 projects on my workspace right now 0_O). I like it a lot as a standalone image though. I know there’s one extremist camp that insists all sex work is happy fun and games and anyone who says otherwise  is a moralizing prude and a censor and probably hasn’t been laid in years (effectively wishing to silence dissent in the name of…anti-censorship?) I know there’s another extremist camp who believes it’s all bad and evil and a “holocaust against women” (they don’t as often address men and boys in the industry) and anyone who says otherwise is a brainwashed social tool complicit in their own sexual objectification. Or something. I’m not about to claim to speak for everyone, but I’d be willing to bet, ummm, as many dollars as are depicted in this drawing that cheery thoughts like this run through people’s heads behind their smiles more often than one might think. (Wonder who’s blood she’s imagining on that razor?)

Anyway, what does anyone think of an image like this as a standalone painting?


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress: Not Alone With Thoughts

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