Art Therapy Mixed Media: Self-Portrait (with Psyche Razors)

Self-portraitThat was the assignment – self-portrait. This is not new for me, virtually every professor in art school at some point assigns The Self Portrait, and about 2/3rds of those demand that nobody make themselves look attractive, because that’s somehow “less authentic/artistic”. I mean, there’s no need for a narcissist’s autohagiography in pictoral form, but come on. I wasn’t in a school full of walking grotesques. The moratorium extended to other subjects as well. I was once chastised for making an art model “too pretty”. Trouble was, this model was pretty. I told my professor to hire an ugly model, and I would produce an ugly painting. I think he found me a bit too big for my freshman britches.

In treatment though, nobody seems to worry about how pretty or ugly things look. Maybe they figure that we’re all fucked up already, no need to work on fucking us up ;). I wasn’t even shooting for “pretty” or “ugly” here. More like texture and pattern with magazine paper, texture and pattern with brushes pushing water.

Why are the eyes like that? Mainly because I saw a Telemundo report the night before about a Chilean woman who had a medical condition that caused her to cry tears of blood. English dub:

Odd they say the family needs donations for a surgery, but doesn’t tell you where to help. Nothing online either.

Why is the hair like that? 1)To match Psyche Razors. 2) Cuz recently I did this:

…for purposes of Manic Panic. Which I haven’t gotten around to yet and then people said it was trippy with my skin tone. Even that it made me look less pale. Who knew?

Also want to continue working in this mixed media collage-and-painting style. Me and a former bandmate used to do that kind of thing when we would drop acid. (Don’t drop acid kids. God doesn’t have a three second rule for those tabs, which Her many raspy tongues can dissolve at tachyon speed.)Sadly, most of it was done on the covers of 99 cent store notebooks rather than on anything one could hang on a wall.


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