“Symptoms Of Agitation” painting

I made this tonight.


I had no ideas in my head whatsoever for a painting. My meds got adjusted and I’ve spent the day in logy, depressed, medicine head hell. And these are low doses, the higher doses that I used to get in the city hospital mightn’t have been the safest. But still. I’ve had to lie down several times. I couldn’t focus on any of the projects or chores I need to get done, so I just began to paint. I had no ideas about it and this is what turned up in execution.

When I was a kid I had a space between my teeth. My mother paid to have it shoved together saying “You may think it’s cute or sexy now but in the long run you’ll be grateful it’s gone.” I wasn’t at an age where I was thinking of things being “cute” or certainly not “sexy” just yet. I just liked the way it looked, and I liked that I didn’t know anyone else with teeth like that. So now in the long run I wish I still had it but can’t afford to put it back, and don’t even know if they have a way to do that.