Introducing The TaRAT Project 2.0


Forgive the imperfect scan, but I’ve re-begun the TaRAT Deck project. Some may call this self-sabotaging procrastination, others may hail it as a wise move. My reasons?

* It looks nicer in full color, and color itself can be used to impart information.
* I feel I know more about the Tarot itself than I did when I began, and can incorporate the symbolism without just blindly copying.
* Over the years of working on the black & white version I was subjected to a number of meds (I know I’ve blogged about this before) some of which, at too high doses, affected my psychomotor coordination & thus my linework. Also my ability to perceive spatial relations…that’s why although there are a few standalone pieces I’m proud of, I feel the overall quality is uneven.

So here’s The Fool, ready to step off into the Universe, and at the same time on top of it.



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