Superchief Mega Group Show & Alles Muss Raus

SuperchiefIt’s tonight!! And I have a piece in it:

Superchief Gallery at Culturefix is proud to present the work of

Vincent Baeza     Tom Bond     Nathan Brown     Ella C.T.

Mike Carrera       Lee Dawson  Sergio El Hase     Faro

Todd Fisher         Sarah French Julian Gilbert      Coley Gold

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz     Diego Guzman             Jorden Haley

Emma Kohlmann          Lil Kool    Danae Lagoy   Jude Liana

Zoo Lion   Levi Mandel  Cameron Michel    MOR

David Nordine   Jennifer Reiland   Caroline Schub

Sylvia Sewell      Adel Souto    Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Youth Waste       Vashti Windish

…And because it’s always a good thing to have more art! Strong art! going on to fight the forces of blandification (wine tastings in spare, earth-toned spaces and art with no other purpose than to match the furniture.), starting at 7PM across Houston at Art On A, Peter Missing and Cyril Mazard are having an exhibition of work as well.


Superchief Gallery at CultureFix is at 9 Clinton St., Art on A Gallery is at 24 Avenue A —close enough for back and forthing. To-ing and fro-ing. Gallery crawling!


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