Baphomet Munny Toy


I think I was better at painting this toy than photographing it.    BaphometToy01 Which is fine, because painting one was what I really wanted to try my hand at. So here’s my psychedelic, folded wing variation on Baphomet, with the torch of illumination on his head added on with sculpted wax. As you can see one ear has a question mark and the other has an exclamation point…just a little nod to their usage in both Book of Lies and The Soldier & The Hunchback  .

Anyways…last night’s art openings both had good turnouts, despite the rain. Sadly, the storms had a way of making me feel prematurely exhausted and moody, and not able to run back and forth as much as I would have liked. The Superchief group show had a lot of great stuff to it, I felt happy to be included as part of it. Pete and Cyril’s show likewise, saw a lot of people there I was really glad to see again or meet in person for the first time. Haven’t really had a full chance to recuperate, not even when “train traffic” left me sitting motionless at 6th Avenue & 14th long enough to make it through half of a Herbert Huncke book (yeah…okay, so it’s one of those Hanuman books that are the size of a trading card. Or a bound deck of them.)

When Eric & I married, we inherited each other’s book collections and shared bad habit of picking up books that people have put out or are selling on the street, or sometimes even outright buying them new, when finances permit. All before finishing the ones we have. So I have stacks of books I want to read, just like I’ve come to have a rapid flood of images in my brain I want to bring out into the world, and only so many free hours in a day to actually do it.



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