Occupy Comics #3 Is Out

It was actually released to coincide with the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech. And my Posada-esque pin-up, the one I first conceived of while sitting in Liberty/Zucotti Park drawing on a pizza box, in included in this issue!

Alas, not the pizza box original. I left that at Occupy, in part of the spirit of the movement…many people were drawing or writing messages on the leftover boxes of donating pizza and leaving them along the parameters, for all to see.

TimeIsUp02web  The mixed reactions I was getting kind of sum up my mixed feelings on what the end results of Occupy became. On one hand some people really dug the imagery and got what I was going for. I think a graffiti artist I conversed with may have even brought it from the park, not sure.

Yet there was another, very baked sounding lad, asked me if I could draw something “more positive”. I said “How can ANYTHING be more positive than this?”

And so I felt with Occupy. Occupy Sandy has done tremendous things. OWS itself began a dialogue about class and the class warfare that’s been going on a lot longer than many would care to admit.  But at the same time, there were a number of people there who were treating it like a huge block party.

TimeIsUpweb  Anyway, I recreated this idea for the comic on a piece of bristol paper.

Occupy Comics is published by Black Mask Studios and here is a list of contributors:

Charlie Adlard, Molly Crabapple, Alan Moore, Joshua Dysart, Kelly Bruce, Caleb Monroe, Theo Ellsworth, Mark L. Miller, Brea Grant & Zane Grant, Jonathan Spies, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Patrick Meaney, Eric Zawadzki, Allen Gladfelter, Salgood Sam, Kevin Colden, Matt Bors, Jerem Morrow, Swifty Lang, Frank Reynoso, Shannon Wheeler, and Eric Drooker


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