In Progress Piece

WIPWatercolor crayon on canvas. Watercolor crayons are insanely pricey, even at Blick, but a bunch have been donated where I’m being treated. Sucks though, because I really like them and would love to work more with them. This photo is also about two weeks old, so this is actually a lot further along, but I didn’t have my camera with me today.

In the meantime, I brought two of my more recent paintings to the BYO Art party at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, where they’ve been on display for the week.

They’re coming down tonight though, to be replaced by a solo show by someone who makes collages out of porno mags. I was in a band with a drummer who did that, once, as well as making them out of other things. But you knew that, I think.

She used to get old magazines at that shop Ed Sanders used to have on the Lower East Side. I’d gotten some old copies of comics there, on the occasions I had expendable income for such things. First place I came across a book by Maruo. Please don’t tell me what occupies that space currently, it will probably depress me.

And things don’t have to depress me. For instance, our anniversary was spent with the joys of Afghani vegetarian food, red wine, and a pomegranate flavored hookah, all of which was utterly joyful.


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