5/10/11 La La Land – Angus MacLise Retrospective

The piece I was confused about, The Methedrine Cardinal, is actually an image of Angus MacLise by Ira Cohen, which looks like this:

As for Angus MacLise himself, he was a percussionist who’s life and work are very inspiring to Eric. Initially the drummer for the Velvet Underground, he left the band to pursue more esoteric paths in music and wound up in Kathmandu, where he eventually died of tuberculosis. It’s true that various drones, tones, and vibrations can produce certain reactions in people, some of which can be felt physically. You can read a more detailed synopsis, including a brief description of the show we’re at in this comic, here.


4 thoughts on “5/10/11 La La Land – Angus MacLise Retrospective

  1. and of course he and Hetty edited the Dreamweapon, the -Psychedelic issue- of Aspen Magazine, #9, and invited me to contribute my b&w Vali photos (shot during the filming of Vali in ’65), which I collaged together with letters from Vali to Sheldon & me–and how appreciative he , Angus, was of it all–and really how appreciative he was of everyone. he was able to find and see the unique beauty and talent in each person.


  2. and I can remember Angus shooting speed into my arm sitting on the edge of a bathtub in a bathroom somewhere in someones place perhaps at a party and how turned on I felt by this somewhat intimate moment. …


  3. Angus was a friend. I can still see him, very tall and stooped walking into our railroad apt on Forsythe St, opening the frig and eating peanut butter out of the jar… not an interesting memory but somehow one that sticks…there are others of course. Loved big Angus MacLise…can see him also drumming in my minds eye. Can see him smiling and can remember the warm feeling as he smiled. Well anyway, he died so very young and yet it’s unimaginable to try to picture him growing old in this world as it’s turned out.


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